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An Individualized Financial Coaching Program

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What Is Financial Cleansing?

Financial Cleansing is an individualized financial coaching program designed to transform your limiting beliefs about money and move you forward — passionately — to a deeper sense of prosperity.

This six-month program of convenient biweekly coaching takes place over the telephone, so there are no transportation costs or classes to attend. You move at your own speed, ask your own questions, and receive guidance tailored exclusively for you.

Financial Cleansing follows many of the same principles as nutritional cleansing. It begins with the understanding that recurring money problems reveal a deeper imbalance in our lives. In the Financial Cleansing course, Patricia O’Connor identifies the limiting beliefs that hold you back and sabotage your progress. Through the Financial Cleansing process, she helps you eliminate those limiting beliefs by turning them around into positive statements that work for you.

Cost for (8) one on one phone sessions on Financial Cleansing with Patricia O’Connor, ChFC is $1500 for individual or $1800 for couple sharing finances.

What’s Different About This Program?

Unlike ordinary “how-to” investing seminars or feel-good “motivational” courses, Financial Cleansing addresses the root causes that make your relationship with money toxic. You can think of the Financial Cleansing process as coaching you along the path to financial freedom. Rather than asking you to buy into someone else’s belief system or values, the program works with your own personal sense of integrity to turn negatives into positives and frustration into inspiration!